Business English for (European) Works Council Members (SE)

Works councils in multinational companies, and particularly members in European Works councils, increasingly have to deal with English-speaking company representatives. As fundamental decisions on employee interests and working conditions are involved, discussions and negotiations in such contexts are, in themselves, challenging. In order to properly fulfill the representation of employees in such English-speaking environments – e.g. during company restructuring processes – the ability to understand and discuss balance sheets, financial statements and annual reports might be just as important as knowledge of corporate and labour law.


  • This Seminar is composed of an intensive three-day English training seminar and a one-day follow-up workshop

Part 1: Seminar (3-days)
17.06. – 19.06.2019

Part 2: Follow-Up
16.09.2019 (full day)

  • Please book both parts (1+2) of this English training seminar all together.


AK-Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof
4020 Linz, Römerstraße 98

Target Group

  • Works council members in multinational companies and particularly members in European Works councils with advanced English skills, who need to improve their language proficiency in business talks, board meetings and negotiations with management representatives.


Participants will attain more self-efficacy in English business conversation and improve their negotiation skills, as well as gaining confidence in the role of representing the employees.


  • Kelly James and Fay MacSween, native English trainers, are the founders of Talkfest Seminars.
  • They have been consulting in all aspects of conducting business in English through seminars and in-house courses across a broad range of industries in many of Austria’s high-profile companies for more than 25 years.
  • They also work as lecturers at various universities and are involved in teacher training as well as coaching in workers representation organisations.

This English training course is a co-operation between the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria (AK Oberösterreich) and the Trade Union of Private Sector Employees, Graphical Workers and Journalists (GPA-djp) 

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